Hit-Boy - New Chains (James Somersett) Lyrics

My momma raised me up in the era when
Papa was gone
He was serving coke and heroin
Writing raps, you woulda thought I had help
But niggas fronting
Fuck it, I'll just keep these beats for myself
You see, it's broke nigga hating
That's the Internet shit, talking on the low
And it's rich nigga hating
That's don't let him in, that nigga might blow
All I want's some money, some hoes, and champagne
A boat, some smoke, fur coats
Slick Rick chains and a damn plane
Gotta put on for my niggas
Whipping without the pain
So I'm spending everything
Just to look good with my gang

New chains
So I guess we the new slaves
New chains, bitch
You see it's Beamers
And it's Honda, love
Only one'll get the fucked
The other, not as much
You see, it's Ninas and it's Monicas
Both crazy about the dick, so they swallow nuts

Lobster, mac and cheese, and fire weed
That's the combination
It's the fucking House of Hit
That... congregation
Hallelujah, halleluhjah
We just brought in three more cases
KKKin' bottles of dark
Thought the whole party was racist
I'm working hard for a check
Just to put it on my neck
A nigga with a new chain

Now that's that James Somersett
Now that's that James Somersett
Now that's that James Somersett
A nigga with a new chain
Now that's that James Somersett
But fuck it

I know you've seen Baby on TV
Cause I've seen him too
Watching 'em too
Wishing that was me and my crew
Real life ghetto kings, my stunting idols
Understood what that message was
Cash Money was them fly niggas
I wanted everything except the love
Soon as my cake up, I'm going straight up to Jacob
And I'ma spend it all www.eliterics.com
Blowing everything that I was supposed to save up
Now Jesus had skin to...
So I pay my tithe that was owed
And used the rest of my green
To turn my Jesus into gold
I turn my Jesus into gold, I turn my Jesus into gold
So either way we're still slaving
Just hanging from a different rope
This just my song of honesty
Nigga, fuck your philosophy
Gotta ball out by any means
Even if it's at the swap meet
You know where Ben Baller be
We know them hos wanna see
We know them hos wanna see
Nigga, we'll get fresh before we eat
So no, don't sweat the technique
I'm tryna shine like Eric B
I'm tryna floss like Rakim
So I'm spending everything from my deal, bitch